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La Residencia - Away She Goes

I’ve never really gone into some of the basic, background stuff, so I’m going to try filling in the gaps.  Like this big one: whereon earth do I live?  I know you’ve heard me sing the praises of the Real World House and complain about how overcrowded it is, but here, for the first time, is your personal photo tour.

The place is owned by Casa de las Americas and is booked every semester with students who come to take part in their programs.  We leave on April 2, UC Davis is coming in on April 3.

Maria lives in an apartment near the kitchen, on the roof. She's our fiesty Cuban abuela, who loves us all so much--except when we leave wet towels on the floor or forget to lock the doors.

There are 3-4 locks keeping us from the riff raff on the street, depending on how many of them are in use at any given time.

Only the 19 students who live here can go downstairs. Maria and Miledys come downstairs to clean and when invited, and Chino always knocks, whistles or yells down to us before coming into "our space."

We have our own fridge, as well as a very slow desktop. I pretty much live on my balcony, bed or one of these red objects.

Best fridge ever. did I mention I live in the real world house? Except that we're actually all legal to drink, and nobody's punched anyone (yet).

For good measure: the view out my window. Always.

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