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Opening Week - Away She Goes

Things have been slow on this blog because they’ve been fast in my life.  However busy I always thought

The view from my balcony. Yes, that's a condemned building

I was the first few days abroad, it’s nothing compared to running a study abroad program.  Add to that the various other engagements back home (writing and otherwise) that have been tugging at my brain, and it seems there’s been so little of me left for…well, for myself.

On the bright side, my little room is up high and has a balcony, and I don’t have a roommate.  While I hate falling asleep alone in my room (I miss you Jordyn!)  it is nice that everything is exactly how I leave it, and I never have to worry that it will bother anyone else.  OF course, this is a hotel, so there is maid service.  I try to stave them off, but they’re incredibly persistent and I don’t want the “do not disturb” sign to dissuade the guys on my floor.

Oh, right, Em and I are in charge of a floor of all guys.  I sometimes feel like Wendy leading around the Lost Boys, especially since the first thing any of them said to me was, “Hello, Lady!”  In a naïve way, not like a pushy, New York way. For the most part, all the students are pretty good.  They’re all wildly tardy (we are always 30 minutes to an hour late to everything), and generally ask us a million questions rather than ever look at their own schedules, but they’re kind and rather funny.

Roxanne, Kathy and myself, 1/4 of Team Greece

We’re still adrift here on team Greece, however.  We have yet to establish a schedule, or even some of our protocols, and we are generally a bit scattered, somehow falling off the treadmill before we even started.  To make matters worse, news from Boston is slow to nonexistent, often arriving via rumour mill.  I must say I’m generally pleased by everyone here in Greece, but rather flummoxed by the behavior of the collective entity that is the Boston office.

On the plus side, I’ve really loved getting to know my Greek coworkers.  Edlira lives here in the hotel with us and is constantly organizing everything,  helping me get on buses and ferry students, and teaching me Greek.  She is joined by Irini, Joanna and Julianne, all of whom are very sweet to me.  They rarely speak rapid-fire, incomprehensible Greek in front of me, and are beyond necessary for this job.  I’m looking forward to when the students have class everyday, affording the staff some time to get our ducks in a row, as well as some time to socialize.

I’ve taken almost no pictures because I’ve been so uncertain of our days, and even less certain of my autonomy during them.  I hope to remedy that soon.

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