Gear I Love: Mobi Cards by Eye-Fi

Gear I Love: Mobi Cards by Eye-Fi

I received no sponsorship or compensation of any kind for this post, and the views contained are completely my own.  So often when I’m shooting an event (particularly when there’s a photo booth), attendees ask me if/when the images will be on Facebook. They want to know if I can upload them immediately and directly from my dSLR, and if not, they sheepishly ask if I mind re-shooting the portrait on their phone. I usually tell them not to worry, I’m not too high and mighty for a phone camera, and laugh it off apologetically when they ask if my Canon gets wi-fi.  That is, until today. This Christmas I received my favorite type of present: one that is both completely perfect for me and a complete surprise. Michelle, my future sister-in-law and fellow jet-setting photographer on the fly, gave me a Eyefi Mobi 16GB memory card. The card uses its own wi-fi to transmit photos from your camera (anything from a point and shoot to a full-frame, professional dSLR) to your phone, e-reader, or tablet. Using the free app, the photos can be selected, rotated, and posted to the social media of your choosing, including instagram, Facebook, WordPress, and twitter, or simply texted or emailed to a friend.  The card is a punchy orange, which ensures I won’t take a boring old regular memory card by mistake, and it comes with an activation key on the card’s cover that ensures your photos end up on your device. You can add up to 20 different Mobi cards to your Eye-fi, and opt for push notifications that will announce the...

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