Los Campesinos

I haven’t done a full write-up of this past weekend’s trip to Viñales and Pinar del Rio, but here are some pictures to whet your whistle. Like this:Like... read more

Foto Friday: Propaganda

I know I’m a day late, but cut me some slack–there was an earthquake and now there are 15-25 mph winds, and the Malecón is flooded.  No one’s injured or worried or anything, it just means our internet is extra-slow.  So here it is, the second installment and already we have a Foto Saturday. Outside of a gas station (“your friend, 24 hours a day,” “black gold”) there is a bust of Jose Marti so big I can see it from the bus.  The most basic, obvious form of propaganda here is the ubiquitous billboard.  They are used for no other purpose, and are actually quite compelling.  Some are just text, while others are giant, childlike drawings. Here’s a sampling of some of my faves from around town. My question: who are these aimed at?  Who are they actually convincing? There are tons more, but I usually see them out of a bus window.  There will be plenty more in the future.  Unfortunately, I’m so used to it that upon further scrutiny I don’t actually have pictures of many of my favorite slogans. There’s actually a conscious effort in Cuba not to deify the living, which surprises some.  Jose Martí is everywhere, usually in statue form.  Che figures heavily in the billboards and murals.  I’ve only found one mention of Raúl, and unfortunately it was pitch black and the picture came out terrible no matter what I tried.  Fidel is around, but not as much as you’d think.  There’s a ton more of the propaganda that’s great, but it’s hard to get good pictures.  I’m fairly fascinated by it,... read more

Foto Friday

Our weekend starts Thursday night here, which means Friday is our beach day. Thus, I won’t often be posting anything substantial. Instead of neglecting this blog and my (semi-)captive audience, I will take advantage by posting something that will not involve a lot of though on my part, but will be enjoyable for all of you, ojala/insha allah/I hope/J’espère. A collection of photos, all on some subject I simply don’t have any real insight to share, will appear. Some weeks will have themes, others will not; it depends on my mood. This week I will start it off with photos that came from my first week en la Habana, of any subject. This is all internet willing, of course. Enjoy. Have a good weekend! Like this:Like... read more

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